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5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a house cleaning service

Thinking of hiring a home cleaning service ? It may be a good idea but if you make the following 6 mistakes, it may cost you time, money and stress. While it may be intimidating to select a good professional and competent cleaning service, it still is not as daunting a task as you might think. Here are 6 mistakes that you must avoid when hiring a home cleaning service.

1. Choosing a cleaning service depending on the price they offer Although price is a factor when choosing a cleaning service since you want it to be easy on your pocket but it should not be the sole criteria. Those who offer their services at an extremely low price may not be insured. If there are any breakages they may not be able to compensate your loss. They may also trick you to settle for a low price initially while gradually they will add on cost. You may end up getting poor quality service at the end. It is always better to follow up on references and go for a background check in order to find the best people in the service. 2. Choosing a cleaning service without meeting them in person

Meeting them in person will give you a chance to know who will be coming into your home. This also means they will get a chance to see your home personally and deciding how much of the area they will be cleaning and how will you like things to be done. They will be better able to meet your needs if you meet them personally than if you decide everything just over a phone call. The whole process will ensure you get the desired result you want.

3. Choosing a cleaning service that pays commission to their employees A company that pays commission to their employees by may tempt the employees to hurry since the more jobs they do the more they get paid. Choose a company that pays hourly in order to receive consistent and meticulous cleaning. 4. Choosing a cleaning service without verification. Before you finalize any cleaning service provider you have to consider several factors in order to get the desired result. One way to move forward is to check for proper documents and proofs related to previous task. You can also ask for certificates achieved by a recognized association which will authenticate their service.

5. Choosing a cleaning service without being clear about your expectations Choosing a cleaning service without being clear about your requirements and needs will only give you an unsatisfactory outcome. Are you clear on what kind of service you want? Consider all your needs like what kind of equipments, supplies, cleaning solutions they use, do they offer guaranteed satisfaction, do they offer specific services which you might want, do they offer the flexibility you want from a service. Being clear on your requirements of what you want from a cleaning service will save you lots of time and energy.

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