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Acts Done Around Your Home That Oftencause Plumbing Problems

There are many things that are done around your homes plumbing that are not good for the operation of such plumbing fixtures as toilets and sink drains. A lot of these are things that were passed on to us by our parents and loved ones or we simply learned them from watching others. Nonetheless, it does not mean that these things should be done and they are very likely to lead to future plumbing problems. Here are some examples of acts that are done around your home that can cause plumbing problems for you.

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Pouring Grease into Your Sink after Cooking

There is a big likelihood that someone you know said it was ok to pour hot grease down the drain as long as you run hot water at the same time. Simply put, this act is one of the leading causes of plumbing problems. Sure that hot grease goes down the drain easily but that is because it is in liquid form then, but once it cools it quickly becomes a semi solid mass that is one of the leading causes of drain clogs and the subsequent plumbing repair bills that go along with them.

Putting Anything but Toilet paper in Your Toilet

Ask any plumber what are some of the most common things they pull out of a clogged toilet drain and they will tell you they find anything from kids toys to cotton balls; the importance of pointing out that NOTHING should go into your toilet except toilet paper cannot be emphasized strongly enough. Even such harmless looking stuff as dental floss or tampons can combine to form a spider web like trap that will eventually catch other solid and semi solid debris to completely clog a plumbing line. Sanitary napkins are especially troublesome when flushed down the toilet, so provide bags for your guests so they can dispose of these without feeling embarrassed.

Cutting Your Kids Hair over the Sink or in the Shower Stall

Many parents see the bathroom as a convenient place to cut their childrens hair so it is easy to clean up afterwords; that assumption can lead to big plumbing problems down the line. When you get a lot of hair in a sink, tub or shower basin; you never can count on cleaning all the hair up completely. It is inevitable that some of it finds its way into the drain and will most likely eventually contribute significantly to a clog forming.

Using Uncovered Drains

Some people actually remove drain grates and screens because they dont want to go through the bother of removing hair and other debris from on top of them. When this is done around your home you greatly increase the likelihood that you will have plumbing problems such as clogs in the future. Make it a point never to use a plumbing drain unless it has its proper screening or grating in place.

Common sense goes a long way when doing tasks around the plumbing fixtures in your house. When it doubt if something can cause plumbing problems dont hesitate to call your local plumbing professional and find out for sure.

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