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Advancements In Roofing

When one thinks of industries where technology is making things better all the time,Calgary roofing usually doesn't come to mind. It seems as though it-along with many other aspects of construction-is basically at the peak of innovation, unlikely to make many more advances. This is not as true as you might think, however. The roofs of today might look a lot like the roofs they were putting up in the 1980s, but appearances are about all they have in common. Today's materials are integrated with insulation and ventilation to make entirely new systems that are much more efficient.

Many roofing experts say that today's roofs will last longer than those of yesterday, not to mention the fact that most homeowners find that they look better. One of the main changes in materials has come in the form of shingles. In the early 1980s and before, shingles were thin and tended to curl quite a bit. They also had a tendency to lose their pebbles at the slightest touch. Today's shingles are made differently and are much more durable. Fiberglass is the predominant material used today in shingle creation and it is not only highly resistant to warping, it gives homeowners a greater range of choice when it comes to color and weight. There is also a greater selection when it comes to shingles designed for specific weather conditions.

Even with the better materials, roofing experts are quick to point out that shingles aren't meant to last forever. The best ones come with long term warranties, but weather can take its toll. Sun, wind, and even humidity can cause shingles to lose much of their original strength. One problem with the new fiberglass shingles is that it is much harder to detect damage. Small cracks can lead to major leaking, yet be all but invisible to the naked eye. That is just one of the reasons why it's important to have your roof inspected every so often by a team of trusted professionals.

When it does come time to replace the roof, picking the right contractor is one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner. Look around and find the contractors who are promoting the latest in roofing technology. Talk to the foreman and assess how well he's kept up with the latest trends in his field. Look for companies that will furnish proof of liability as well as workman's compensation. One more thing: don't shell out a cent until the job is done and you are satisfied with the results.

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