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Beautify And Improve Your Garden Environment With Borders

Adding garden borders is the perfect way to enhance your garden by giving it more visual dynamics. In addition to the appeal you can bring to your garden, you can also improve its environment. Planting the right kinds of wildflowers and other plants in bordered sections can attract good insects and repel bad ones.

Borders can be more than simple humps of concrete lined up in a circle in random areas of the yard. They can be made with bricks, contemporary piping, and border fencing made just for gardening purposes. There are so many different types of material to use for your border that you will have an endless choice. It is up to you to decide what materials will best add your touch to your garden.

Use borders to keep hilly areas from eroding or causing water from running off excessively. You can also just use them to soften a walled area or enhance a pathway. The choice is yours.

If you choose to install bricks, you want to make sure to secure them using sand in between their cracks. Apply a clear sealer to the finished border to keep the sand from potentially washing out during waterings or rain showers. Using a particular polymeric sand will harden automatically when exposed to moisture. This is also good for keeping weeds from growing through the bricks.

You can get more detailed advice from your local gardening centre. Install your borders while keeping your seasonal weather elements in mind. This will help you determine the best types of plants and flowers for your area to plant behind or within the borders.

Planting specific types of plants and flowers can help to attract good insects. Ground beetles, ladybugs and other insects that eat bad pests all like specific types of flowers. Ask a landscape gardener or the garden centre of your home improvement store for suggestions.

Pussy willows are excellent for this purpose. Besides adding a soft, gracious accent to the whole garden, they attract the right kinds of insects to keep the rest of the area free of troubling pests. They are also easily found. Get cuttings from a nearby park or a neighbour's garden - with their permission - and replant them in yours. Cornflowers are another excellent flower for attracting ladybugs and flower flies.

Borders add beauty to any garden or yard. They also can be used to attract good insects for a more harmonious garden environment.

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