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Dan Hinkley_ A Modern-day Plant Enthusiast

Not everybody knows it, but modern-day plant hunters actually play a great role in the environment. Today, they help maintain the diversity of plant species early plant hunters have worked hard to cultivate, ensuring they are incorporated into modern planting schemes them into Among the most well-known plant hunters include Robert Brown (known for collecting 3,000 species of plants during his travels to Australia), and George Frost (who collected over 300,000 plant species in his expeditions around Asia). Today, modern-day plant hunters work towards conserving all plant species. Some of them have even put up plant nurseries that can safely house the plants they have collected. One such plant hunter is Dan Hinkley.

A Short Biography

An author, a plantsman, a lecturer, and a plant collector, Daniel J. Hinkley is best known as the proprietor of the Heronswood Nursery located in Kingston, Washington. Hes also known for searching for collecting, reproducing and naming new plants in the North American region. As a child, Hinkley has already displayed interest in gardening and botany. He then studied in Michigan State University and got a Bachelor in Science degree in Horticulture in 1976. In 1985, he then completed a Master in Science degree in Urban Horticulture in University of Washington.

When Hinkley graduated, he worked in Edmonds Community College as an instructor. In the 1990s, he partnered with Robert L. Jones and decided to establish the Heronswood Nursery, which then became internationally acclaimed. Since then, Hinkley received regular invitations to speak at seminars conducted during the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

In 2000, Hinkley decided to sell the nursery to Burpee Seeds, yet remained to run it with his partner. The next year, the Heronswood catalog was able to document about 2,400 plants, while the gardens served as a home for over 10,000 species. All the seeds and specimens were collected during his expeditions to Asia and other parts of the world.

Books He Wrote

Dan Hinkleys travelling and plant collecting earned him the experience and knowledge to write his own books. To date, he has written the three books below: The Explorers Garden: Rare and Unusual Perennials This book is a product of Hinkleys expeditions to China, Chile, Korea, Nepal, and remote areas of North America. Here he discusses the beauty of perennials and how to breed and cultivate them. The Explorers Garden: Shrubs and Vines Hinkley discusses more familiar plants here such as hydrangeas, sassafras and witch hazels. Winter Ornamentals In this book, Hinkley puts the spotlight on plants that have cold-weather traits.

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