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Different Types Of Air Conditioner Units

Naturally, human beings want to make everything in a way that will be convenient for them e.g. Computers, motor vehicles, etc. It is in this spirit that the air conditioner was invented in the year 1902. An air conditioner is one of the appliances that you can find in most households in Europe and America. This is because of the convenience they offer i.e. they maintain a conducive temperature for a room meaning that your house or office will have a favorable temperature in the summer and also on cold winter days. There are many types of air conditioner units in the market, all of which offer different functions, but all have the same purpose. Here are some of them described briefly;

Split air conditioners

These are air conditioners that can be used to save on space while maximizing efficiency. They come in two units. One unit is placed outside the house/ building while the other is an indoor unit and can be fixed on the walls of different rooms. The two units work in harmony to circulate temperature-controlled air in a building. The indoor unit, for instance, takes in the warm air in a room and delivers cool air. The outside unit, on the other hand, expels warm air from a building. The units are fitted with refrigerating fluid and compressors. These air conditioners can have multiple indoor units for different rooms.

Window air conditioners

These air conditioner units will require a window sill. The setting of the air conditioner is such that it needs to be fitted in a window sill. It is a single unit and is composed of all the parts such as the compressor, evaporator/ cooling copper coil, and also an expansion coil. The advantage with such an air conditioner is that it is a single unit and hence it not as bulky as other air conditioners. It is also cheaper than other an easy to install. The main disadvantage is that it cannot be used in a room that has no windows.

Tower air conditioners Tower air conditioners are free standing air conditioners that need not be fixed on a wall. It can also be referred to as a floor-standing AC. The air conditioner takes up some floor space and is recommended for offices and big rooms in the house. It is also a 2 unit air conditioner as it has both an indoor and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is placed on the floor. The main advantage of the tower AC is that it is a high-capacity cooler hence useful for large rooms. Also, no installation is required.

Cassette air conditioners

These air conditioners resemble a cassette in terms of shape. They are installed on the ceiling and don't require any ducts. They can be used in rooms with no windows or even areas where a split air conditioner cannot be used. The advantage of these air conditioner units is that they save on space, are very stylish and can be customized to match the interior decor of a house.

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