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Essential Facts About Crawl Space Insulation

The crawl space is an important part of a homes air insulation and helps in enhancing the homes energy efficiency. However, when you have a crawl space under your house, you will most likely experience cold winters than when you live in a house that is built on top of a concrete slab. This is why its vital to have this space insulated. If crawl space insulation is not done, there is every possibility that cook air and heat is lost easily. Insulation of the crawl space also helps in improving air quality while also reducing energy costs.

Crawl spaces are classified into two main types: unventilated and ventilated. Each of them requires its own type of insulation, but which goes a long to serve similar purpose of providing a thermal envelope. In the event that the space is ventilated so as to help in eliminating moisture, fiber glass can easily be installed just below the subfloor that exists between the floor joists. But the challenge with this is that you have to find a way of dealing with the mold and prevent moisture that may follow thereafter. Securing the installation is one of the best ways to deal with this problem.

However, in case the crawl space is not ventilated. The walls that are directly above the crawl space should be insulated and not the subfloor of the room thats located above. This is quite advantageous because it does not only require minimal insulation, but also does away with the need to insulate pipes and ducts separately. For additional protection, it is imperative that you consider installing polyurethane on top of the dirt floor so as to offer additional protection. Cover the barrier with sand and this will help to ensure that it doesnt get damaged.

The installation of attic space insulation is fairly simple, but it is of paramount importance that you consider using professional help. Knowledgeable and experienced attic insulation experts have what it takes to do a thorough cleanup and dispose the old insulation. They will also spray the space with chemicals that kill fungicides and bacteria.

Moreover, it is advisable to ensure that your foundation is enclosed. The space that exists between the external piers can be filled with concrete blocks, lattice panels or bricks. If you choose to install block walls or bricks, you will need to start with pouring concrete on the footing before laying the blocks or bricks.

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