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Essential Water Heater Maintenance

Routines, what can you say about them except they are a big part of life and some parts of them you often take for granted. Take your morning routine for example; you get up and stretch, brush your teeth and then take a nice hot shower to start your day off. But what would your day start like if the hot shower part was replaced by a cold shower? It would start your day off in a worse way that is for sure. That scenario could become a real possibility if you neglect to do some simple routine water heater maintenance. Here are a couple things that you and every other homeowner should do when it comes to routine water heater maintenance.

Lets start off by saying that many people feel that their water heater is a maintenance free item. Yes they hold up well and seem to last a long time but they are far from being what one would consider maintenance free. That is why doing the few things that are mentioned next is an essential part of water heater maintenance.

Visual Inspection

When your car engine is getting bad you might see something like black smoke coming from the exhaust. Your water heater is no different than your car and it will give you some warning signs that it may be having problems; that is why its important to visually inspect it at least once a month.

You need to make sure the incoming cold water line and the outgoing hot water line are free from leaks and not showing signs of corrosion. Check for corrosion too on the outside of the tank. You may even want to open the control panel to see if the there are any signs of melting plastic or carbon buildup on any of the electrical connections.

Draining the Water Heater Tank

Once every six months you need to completely drain the water out of your water heater tank. Water from your tap often contains minerals and other metals that build up and collect on the bottom of your water heater tank. As these build up it cuts down the water flow to your tanks heating element and causes the tank to super heat; eventually the tank will burst, flood out the room its in and cause a big headache.

This can all be avoided by doing just the simple water heater maintenance step of draining your hater water at least twice a year to keep the amount of sediment in the bottom of the tank at a harmless level.

*** It is very important to remember to shut off the breaker to your water heater before you attempt the water heater maintenance step of draining the tank. Failure to do this may burn up the appliances heating element. ***

Just doing a visual inspection and the simple water heater maintenance step of draining the tank on a periodic basis will help extend your water heaters useful life and save you some money in the process too.

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