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Tips And Tricks That Could Save You In Carpet Cleaning Costs

More likely, you would not be able to avoid hiring professional carpet cleaners during at least one point in your life. Your carpet would be exposed to dust and other dirt that could accumulate over time. Light vacuum cleaning at home may work to get rid of surface dirt.

For more intense cleaning, however, you have to call professional cleaners. However, there is a way for you to save money. You can do this by ensuring that you reduce the work the professional cleaners have to perform on your carpets. Here are some money-saving tips and tricks.

Do not rub! Blot.

Most people know about this. For some reason, however, some people still rub on stains. They would get a stain remover, pour it down, and then rub. Perhaps, this was the result of panic. By rubbing, the liquid that caused the stain may only spread out, making things worse. The action also causes the carpet fibers to break down prematurely, possibly ruining a good carpet with more than a stain. Whether you feel the stain remover is effective or not, you have to place a little of the product and then just blot inward, not outward.

Use surprising but readily available products from your home.

There are tons of interesting and helpful products that you can use for carpet cleaning. Some of them you can obtain from the comfort of your own kitchen. For example, if you spilled beer or wine, then you can just seek the help of your available club soda. Shaving cream, however, is more effective for general use.

Some other products are more specific with their use. For example, detergent is best with grease and hydrogen peroxide can remove blood stains. Ice cubes may be used to remove gum. After they have frozen the gum sticking on your carpet, you can now scoop it off the carpet. There may be some carpet strands that you may have to cut off. Make sure to get close to the carpets surface as you possibly can when cutting things off.

For pets, organic cleaning may be needed.

Organic cleaners may be used to remove stains caused by your pet having an accident on your carpet. There are some cheap ones that are sold for less than 10 pounds. It is at this point that you will be allowed to rub. This is a carpet cleaning exemption to the rule.

Elicit the help of emergency products.

Once you spill anything on your carpet, you should immediately try to treat it before the stain dries and settles in. If the stain is big, test the product that you have on a small area first. See how the product will react. If you are trying to really respond to the emergency then you can cover the whole area with product, but remember to blot inwards using a clean cloth or a sponge. While pet accidents may be treated with organic cleaners and rubbed, for most instances, blotting is still the better option.

Regular, deep cleaning is a must.

Even if you have plans to avail of professional carpet cleaning help, you still need to vacuum your carpet. Light vacuuming should be a daily habit, depending on how much dust and grime your carpet is exposed to. Regular, steam cleaning must also be scheduled to extract embedded oil and dirt deposits.

The above may not ensure you savings in terms of professional cleaning costs. However, they should be able to help you achieve those savings. With less time and less effort required to clean the carpets, the cleaners may charge less, as well. Some do charge based on cleaning difficulty and hours served.

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