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Tips For Fixing Plumbing Problems On Your Own

Fixing your own plumbing can be a difficult and intimidating thing to try. There are so many things to know, and it seems like it could be easy to accidentally break something and make the problem worse. However, today taking care of common plumbing problems can be easy with the proper knowledge. you should read on for some practical tips to solve and avoiding plumbing issues.

Rigid copper is used for main water lines in many homes. You cannot bend rigid copper, so joints and tees must be soldered on. When soldering, always apply flux (also called soldering paste) to both surfaces. Flux retards oxidation when the copper is heated. Always use lead-free or nearly lead-free solder when sweating a copper joint.

Before starting any plumbing project make sure you turn off the main water supply. Water damage can be one of the most expensive things to repair. To minimize damage turn the main water supply off as well as any shut off valves near where you are working. This will save a great deal of hardship later on.

You should not put cooking oils, fat, or grease, down your drain. These fats cause clogs by solidifying in pipes. To properly dispose of fats, put them in a bowl with a lid that you can dispose of. Once it gets hard, throw it in the trash or compost bin.

To avoid having your outdoor faucets freeze up in the winter, you should detach all hoses before the first freeze. Also, close the shutoff valve that leads to the outdoor faucets, then turn on the outdoor faucets to let any remaining water in the lines drain. Once temperatures warm up in the spring, you can reverse the process.

Use your garbage disposal with the cold water running so that you can preserve the blades of the disposal. Using hot water makes grease more liquid and can cause problems, including clogs. Make sure to clean blades by putting in a little dish detergent and run cold water at the same time.

Todays Clayton plumbers recommend periodically checking your pipes for leaks and cracks. These can be forgotten about, since pipes are usually hidden away, but checking for leaks and cracks can help you identify a small problem before a big problem occurs. You may have to enlist the help of a family member to turn on and off the water stream as you are checking.

If your sink is letting rusty water out and it will not drain, it's probrably because of the biological scum and grease that is built up in the pipes. You need to have your drains professionally cleaned, allowing maximum flow through your drains. Your drains must be open completely.

One of the things that you could do to maximize the security of your home is to seal all of the cracks in your outdoor faucets. Even a tiny crack can intensify as the season progresses and lead to serious problems down the road. Reduce drips and leaks for optimal protection.

Don't be surprised if a plumber charges you more than you expected. Many customers think that fixing a toilet or other drainage problem should be easy, therefore the price should be low. You must remember that not only does a plumber have to charge for labor, but they should charge for parts that you need.

Keep an eye on the hoses for your dishwasher and washing machine. These hoses can leak and bulge, which can be a problem. Check them for signs of wear and tear and replace any hoses more than 10 years old. You will find that these hoses age well, but you need to make sure they are doing the job they should.

Some people say that when you use the garbage disposal you don't need to run the water. While many people think that running water in conjunction with the disposal will cause it to work more efficiently, it simply isn't true. Water can cause food to stick to the moving parts, and this could create damage.

As you can see, solving plumbing problems isn't so hard when you know what you are doing, or if you have the right advice. When you are well-informed it can save you a great deal of money. Make a note of what you've learned in this article and see how easy it is either to fix your own plumbing problems, or at the very least, ensure that you get a good service from a professional.

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Advice That Will Help You If Need Plumbing

If you are like most people, your novice plumbing skills leave something to be desired. Would you like to learn ways to make plumbing improvements yourself? If you are open to improvement, you have found the right article. This article contains tips and advice to help you better understand the confusing world of plumbing.

Avoid plumbing problems! Do not stop up the toilet! Some common items that will stop up a toilet include: toys, hair, paper towels, birth control items, and feminine personal products. Do not flush these items down your toilet - unless the instructions say otherwise! These can stop up your toilet - to the point that nothing else will work - except calling a plumber to get your drain cleaned!

Avoid the bursting of pipes due to the change in the temperature. You need to allow the flow of heat to reach under the sinks and into the pipes, you have to keep the cabinet doors of the bathrooms and kitchens open. It is important to keep water running at both hot and cold faucets along with vanities that are in close proximity to exterior walls.

Use a hairdryer to thaw frozen pipes, after you shut off the water to the house. A hairdryer will gently heat the pipe and thaw the ice without causing significant damage to the pipe. Shutting off the water first means that if the pipe is broken, there will be no rush of water into the house.

Knowing about the tools and how you're supposed to use them may greatly help with your plumbing jobs. You should read the manual with any new tool you purchase. If you don't have the manual, look online or at your local library for more information. You should do the same amount of research on the steps required for your project. You need to conduct research before attempting a repair, because it could be expensive to correct an error.

Check for floor damage around your toilet. If the floor around your toilet feels softer than the rest of the floor in your bathroom, there's damage you need to address. You can check for softness or weakness in the floor by placing one foot on each side of the toilet and rocking back and forth. You could save yourself money but noticing that problem sooner, rather than later.

At least once a year remove the faucet aerator and clean the screens. This helps it properly function. The function of a faucet aerator is to allow for an even flow of water and to conserve water. Be sure to clean out the aerator and you'll notice a these things working.

Never pour grease or anything fatty or oily into your drain. Whenever they cool, they tend to harden and make clogs inside your drains. As an owner of a garbage disposal, this is important because the blades will stop working if they have fat on them. To keep your kitchen pipes clear, never dispose of grease down your sink drain.

Have you tried patching your plastic pipe or copper piping with the store-bought patching kits only to have that section of your plumbing continue to leak? Replacing the damaged pipe is a more permanent solution than patching. When using copper piping, in homes made after 1960, most people can't fix this themselves. But if you decide that you want to give it a try before calling the best plumbers Tucson has to offer, follow these instructions. First, you must shut off the main water valve, and drain the water from the damaged section. Cut out the damaged section of the copper pipe, leaving about an inch of extra pipe on both sides of the damaged area. Remove corrosion from inside the pipes with a wire brush. Apply flux to the replacement pipe and the remaining pipe. Slide the piece of replacement pipe into place with couplings. Apply solder all around the joint, and use a propane torch to solder the replacement section into place.

Plumbing fixtures can be anything from a toilet to ice maker or even a a kitchen sink. Make sure that you take every precaution when working on these components yourself.

Because you've read over the above article, you should feel confident and excited about doing some of your own plumbing. But if you would rather call some Tucson plumbers then please reach out today. We'll be there quickly to help you out in any way we can. We hope that these tips can help you! Through trial and error, you are sure to find something that works for you.

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5 Top Benefits Of Hiring Plumbing Contractors

If you own a residential or commercial; property you might face a plumbing issue at one time or the other. It is normal to face such a problem as a result of clogged drains or leaking pipes. When you face these problems you have the option to deal with the issue by yourself or work with a professional to solve any issue you might have. Due to the complexity that might be involved, it is good to work with certified and experienced plumbers to assist you. These are experts with a lot of knowledge and skills in plumbing, so you can depend on them to offer you any solution that you want. Despite that it will cost you money to work with the contractors; it is worth to hire them because you get the value of the money in the long end. Here are some of the major benefits of working with emergency plumber in San Jose.

Have great experience in complicated plumbing jobs

Most of the plumbing issues that you might face in your home are simple, but there are others that are complicated, so it might be hard to diagnose. You might find that a certain plumbing problem is beyond the limited plumbing skills and knowledge that you might have. Professional contractors have the skills and experience required to deal with complicated problems. They have the ability to diagnose issues, provide solutions and do repair to give you the right and sustainable solution.

Provide you with professional advice

You might have a drain in your property that requires regular attention or pipes with leaks in several places. You might try to make use of pipe snake to try to unclog the drain or do replacement of one of the pipes at a time. However, it is worth noting that these repairs offer temporary solutions. A contractor will look at each of the plumbing problem separately as well as the entire system as a whole. Clogged drains might result from sagging pipes in the basement or the pipes might be old making them to fall apart. The contractors have the ability to fix instant problems and provide professional advice on how to improve your entire plumbing system.

Deals with many plumbing problems at once

When it comes to improvement of your home most residential or commercial property owners deal with one problem at a time. You might also be able to do this on different days as a result of time constraints. Working with the contractors gives you an opportunity to have all the plumbing problems you might be facing repaired at once within a few hours. The contractors also protect your home in the future by ensuring that your entire plumbing system is in good conditions. You can move on with your day to day duties knowing that your plumbing project is in the right hands.

Have the right tools and equipment

Another great benefit of working with the plumbing contractors is that you do not have to lease tools and equipment used in plumbing. They have high tech tools that ensure that they perform a thorough job when handling your plumbing project. They also know how to use them, so you can expect the best results.

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Tankless Vs. Traditional Water Heaters

It is very important to know the difference between a tankless and traditional water heater. Traditional water heaters are tanks that store between 30 to 50 gallons of water. The water in the tank is preheated and used whenever someone runs the water for a number of different reasons but the most common reasons are bathing, washing or doing the dishes. After the water in this tank is used, it refills itself again and waits for its next use.

Tankless water heaters use an electric or gas source to heat up the water on an as you need it type of system rather than a storing system.

It is a good idea to know as much as you can about anything that you may be purchasing so that you can have the necessary knowledge to make the right purchasing decision for you and your family especially, when it comes to your waters heating source.

The pros to having a traditional water heater are:

The initial costs are lower. A traditional water heaters installation can be half as much as a tankless water heater.

The traditional water heaters are easy and inexpensive to replace. Less installation complications mean that there is less can go wrong.

The cons to the traditional water heater are:

Your utility bill is higher because the water has to be heated and reheated at a certain temperature regardless as to if you need the water or not. This is what increases your utility bill and especially in the winter months.

These tanks are bigger and harder to place because of the amount of space that they occupy and they cant be placed outside.

They run out of hot water, now, if you get a larger tank then this is not something that you will have to worry about but this will affect your bill much more.

The traditional water heaters life span is only about 10 to 15 years. They would need to be bought twice as often as a tankless water heater.

Here are the pros and cons of a tankless water heater:

Saves you more money in the long sun.

Requires minimal space and can be installed outside on a wall.

Lives longer by about 5 or more years than a traditional water heater.

Delivers hot water on demand

The cons are:

Depending on the model and where the water heater is purchased it can be far more expensive. The installation is more complicated so; the installation cost will be more.

Now that you know what your options are and their pros and cons, you should feel more confident with choosing a water heater that best fits your usage, life and budget. If you handle the high costs of buying a tankless water heater then you can save yourself more money in the long run. If money is no issue then you may gravitate more toward the tankless water heater but for those that have a limited income the traditional water heater makes more sense.

No matter which water heater that you choose, the most important thing is that you will have hot water and they both provide that.

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Acts Done Around Your Home That Oftencause Plumbing Problems

There are many things that are done around your homes plumbing that are not good for the operation of such plumbing fixtures as toilets and sink drains. A lot of these are things that were passed on to us by our parents and loved ones or we simply learned them from watching others. Nonetheless, it does not mean that these things should be done and they are very likely to lead to future plumbing problems. Here are some examples of acts that are done around your home that can cause plumbing problems for you.

Learn more about heating, air conditioning and plumbing at

Pouring Grease into Your Sink after Cooking

There is a big likelihood that someone you know said it was ok to pour hot grease down the drain as long as you run hot water at the same time. Simply put, this act is one of the leading causes of plumbing problems. Sure that hot grease goes down the drain easily but that is because it is in liquid form then, but once it cools it quickly becomes a semi solid mass that is one of the leading causes of drain clogs and the subsequent plumbing repair bills that go along with them.

Putting Anything but Toilet paper in Your Toilet

Ask any plumber what are some of the most common things they pull out of a clogged toilet drain and they will tell you they find anything from kids toys to cotton balls; the importance of pointing out that NOTHING should go into your toilet except toilet paper cannot be emphasized strongly enough. Even such harmless looking stuff as dental floss or tampons can combine to form a spider web like trap that will eventually catch other solid and semi solid debris to completely clog a plumbing line. Sanitary napkins are especially troublesome when flushed down the toilet, so provide bags for your guests so they can dispose of these without feeling embarrassed.

Cutting Your Kids Hair over the Sink or in the Shower Stall

Many parents see the bathroom as a convenient place to cut their childrens hair so it is easy to clean up afterwords; that assumption can lead to big plumbing problems down the line. When you get a lot of hair in a sink, tub or shower basin; you never can count on cleaning all the hair up completely. It is inevitable that some of it finds its way into the drain and will most likely eventually contribute significantly to a clog forming.

Using Uncovered Drains

Some people actually remove drain grates and screens because they dont want to go through the bother of removing hair and other debris from on top of them. When this is done around your home you greatly increase the likelihood that you will have plumbing problems such as clogs in the future. Make it a point never to use a plumbing drain unless it has its proper screening or grating in place.

Common sense goes a long way when doing tasks around the plumbing fixtures in your house. When it doubt if something can cause plumbing problems dont hesitate to call your local plumbing professional and find out for sure.

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Address Leaks Before You Need An Emergency Plumber

Plumbing leaks can cause you undue stress no matter what time of the year it happens. Plumbing leaks require the services of a professional plumbers. Youll have no choice but to hire the services of anelectrician, a drywaller, and representatives from the flooring company if you dont address the leak right away. Once the unfortunate leak occurs, it is imperative that you know what to do to shut off the water supply as soon as possible. However, if you are experiencing slow leaks or if it will take a while before the plumber can get to your home, remember these DIY fixes on how to manage a leaking pipe.


The best solution you can do to stop a leak is to shut-off the water valve. Even if it is just a shutoff valve that regulates specific fixtures or the main shutoff valve of your home, it is essential to know exactly where they are and how they operate. If you can shut off your homes water supply in as little time as possible, you can minimize damage to your flooring, drywall, and so on. No matter when the plumber arrives, youre assured that the damage are minimal. You can expect floors upon floors of damage to your home if you dont know where the shut-off valve is, or how to operate it.


The challenge in addressing a leak is finding the source. Even if the majority of your home plumbing is out there, theres still a lot left hiding behind your walls. Not many homeowners though possess a leak detector at home, but they come in handy when you want to take measurements on different kinds of materials like the drywall, wood, and so on. You can also use it to compare moisture readings. Handy leak detectors are of most use when you already know about an existing leak inside your home. A better detector can detect leaks as its remains in a room and signals an alarm once it detects water. It comes in useful to detect both basement flooding and other plumbing emergencies.


An epoxy can be applied to problematicleaks to stop it from dripping out more water. The application of an epoxy is pretty simple. First, you have to sand the area around the leak and press the epoxy with your hand. An hour after you put the epoxy in place, it becomes hard and obstructs the leak so that no more water and pressure is lost.


Other than the use of epoxy, you can also use leak tapes to seal the leak in your pipe.It is very simple and easy to use, and is also applicable when you do vehicle hoses repairs, waterproof electrical connections, and even as a tourniquet to stop bleeding during emergencies.

An epoxy and a leak tapes are handy temporary fixes during leaks. But if you are looking for a permanent fix for your problem with leaks,phone a certified plumber to assess the extent of the problem.

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5 Characteristics Of Reputable Plumbing Contractors

Home plumbing is full of complexities. There are plenty of home plumbing improvements that you can do on your own. This trick will save you a lot of money as well as foster a sense of accomplishment in you. Youll likely be bragging about that faucet handle replacement you did yesterday or repairing your homes garbage disposal system upon coming to work this morning.

On the other hand, you will not be spared from certain home disasters that will plague you at certain points in your life. Times like this, you better let the experts take care of your out-of-control plumbing issues for you. If you are facing one such emergency now, ask for the help of the plumbing professionals to come to your aid. But first things first, ensure that the plumbing professionals you are dealing with have the following five traits to appease your worries.

Familiar with the Ins and Outs of Plumbing

First and foremost, you must look for a plumber that has sufficient know-how about entire plumbing systems and can easily diagnose existing issues you have at home. Also, they must be adept at fixing these issues to save your time and money. No matter how cost effective the services of a certain plumbing company is, or friendly, or punctual they are, all of it wont matter if they are clueless on how to fix your problem. Plumbing companies with established reputations and years of practical experience and usually have that air of weve experienced it all, and nothing surprises us anymore mindset. Of course, not all upstart companies are terrible but you just cannot shrug off years of experience. If you hire contractors from reputable companies, youll have the assurance that they wont mess around with your time and money since they know what they are doing. Theyll likely do a great job too. Youll have your issues fixed in no time.


And since youll only hire a plumber who knows what hes doing, it will also be an advantage if he is punctual too. A plumbing company that values good customer service will reflect in the timeliness of their contractors work. For instance, hiring a contractor that tells you hell be over in four hours time, and it has been two days now and theres still no word from him. It is understandable that certain contractors can get tied up to a certain project and get held up for long, but the least they can do is to give you a call to explain the delay. Upon hiring a certain company, you still have no idea how prompt they are in the delivery of their services. It is the reason you must first ask around from family and friends of their experience with a particular company. You may not value punctuality at the top of your list when you scour for plumbing contractors, but its the icing on the cake if ever you find one.

Everybody knows that doing repairs on your homes plumbing system can put a big strain on your familys finances. What more if you accidentally end up with a plumbing contractor wholl cause you more problems that when you started. After all, even those plumbers with years of experiences still experience unavoidable mishaps at work such as striking a water line. You understand that they do not intend these accidents to happen, but you must not shoulder the additional expense incurred by these damages as well. The plumbing companys insurance plan must cover the damages incurred by their contractors. Therefore, make it a point to hire a plumbing contractor that has insurance coverage, so that in the event something unexpected happens, theyll take care of it for you.

24-Hour Emergency Service Pipes are peculiar. It is both a dependable and erratic factor inside your home. For example, you can surely rely on a lifesaver of a toilet when 24 other family member come to visit during Thanksgiving. But then, it can just freeze up without warning on a cool night when the weather experiences a sudden drop of around 15 degrees.

Because of this unpredictability when it comes to the performance of your homes plumbing system, you can highly benefit from a plumbing company that offers on-call service. A big leak can spell trouble to your home and your belongings if you have to wait till morning. It can cause irreparable damage such as destruction of certain family heirlooms and much more.

Bear in mind however, not to abuse such extra service offered by your plumbing contractor. Before calling, make sure that a midnight call is necessary. If it is just a minor drip, it surely can wait till the morning.

The knowledge that you can contact your plumber anytime of the day or night if an emergency happens can let you sleep soundly at night. Honorable

Being a person of virtue and honor is commendable, no matter what is your status in life. It is even more notable in the field of plumbing repairs and contracts when a good word can make or break your reputation.

Every homeowner believes and trusts that a contractor knows what he is doing. After all, you can see what or where the issue is, so you can safely assume that what your contractor is telling you is true. Sometimes, youre even willing to pay no matter how much they charge you. But then, since you cannot visualize the insides of your pipes and walls, some shady contractors can take advantage of you and charge you more than what they should. It may be difficult to catch them red-handed, no matter how much they reiterate that everything is already working after they fixed it.

You can avoid situations like this if you ask for another plumbers opinion about the matter. If they came up with the same thing, at least you know they are not just cooking up an instant money scam for you.

Ask from family and friends to have an idea about the best plumbing companies. Advertising by word of mouth is fail-proof most of the time (of course unless they are related). And the people you know who had contracted certain companies in the past can give you an unbiased feedback about these contractors. But remember that you might have to experience a few unfortunate mishaps yourself before you can finally end up with the best plumbing contractors in your contact list. As soon as you find one, keep them close because you never know when youll likely need their help.

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When Is The Right Time To Get A New Boiler?

Before investing in a new boiler, its good to have your old boiler checked first by a qualified engineer. There could be a possibility that fixing an old boiler and making the necessary improvements to it could be less expensive compared to having a new boiler installed. On the other hand, if there are serious problems, and the cost of having it fixed is too high, then its best to have your old boiler replaced with a new one. You may be spending a huge amount for this, but having a high efficiency boiler can help you save some money in the long run.

Its also good to have your old boiler replaced with a new one if youre planning to sell your home or property, or have it renovated. Having a new boiler installed could add value to it.

The older the boiler gets, the harder it will be for it to heat your home. If you have an old boiler, theres a tendency that the spare parts will become very expensive or it could be hard to find. There could also be a chance that there are no longer any spare parts available in the market.

For most boilers that arent well maintained or serviced regularly, there could be a higher risk of malfunction, and it could be less efficient as well.

Its helpful to ask the advice of a boiler expert. If your old boiler is well maintained and is working efficiently, then there may not be any problem as long as you have it serviced regularly. However, keep in mind that if the labour cost of having it repaired or maintained is already more than having it replaced, then it may be the right time to get a new boiler.

Should you decide to have a boiler replacement, its good to look for two or three local boiler installers and ask for an estimate on how much youre going to spend. Getting quotes from several companies gives you a chance to make a comparison, and find the best one for you. Dont forget to ask for the details, and look closely into it.

To help you find good boiler installers or professional heating engineers, you can ask for recommendations from family or friends. Its also convenient to search online for boiler replacement Sheffield companies with good customer reviews. Make sure that you have your new boiler properly installed. And keep in mind that in order to achieve this, its important to hire the services of an experienced boiler installer who works for a trusted company.

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The Best Furnace Installation Company In Vancouver

In the event you need a reliable and reputable furnace installation company in Vancouver, contacting Plumbers Vancouver is the best decision you can ever make.

Why are they, the #1 Heating Company

Our plumbing company has been serving customers in Vancouver and surrounding areas for over 20 years now. As a family owned company that takes pride in customer satisfaction, you can definitely trust us to undertake efficient and effective furnace installation Vancouver. We are a house hold name and most manufacturers will easily recommend us.

Our Technicians

Over the years, we have recruited the best specialists to ensure your furnace is installed correctly. No matter the type of furnace you have, whether Coleman, Carrier, Rheeme, Lennox and Bryant, our technicians are able to handle it.

Our technicians are industry trained, certified and experienced and undertake any task in and ethical and professional manner. Moreover, we make it our priority to undertake an in-depth background check of our entire technicians so as to give you the confidence whenever you let them inside you home.

For homeowners who do not know which type of furnace to install, do not worry, we will help you select the most suitable one for your home. Some of the factors that will guide in determining your furnace installation in Vancouver.

Size of your house Heating needs of your home Energy cost

Customer Service

We have a friendly customer service team which is available 24/7 to respond to any queries you may have. They will offer you a free and non-obligatory estimate. We have the most cost effective prices in town and have no hidden charges or unnecessary fees. In case you need a technician in the shortest time possible, they will dispatch one to your location right away.

Emergency Services

In the event you have a furnace emergency, it is important to contact a trustworthy Vancouver heating contractor. Whether day or night, trust weÃll rescue you in your time of need. Our 24 hour emergency stand by technicians will respond to your emergency in the shortest time possible and resolve any issue you may have.

Maintenance Services

After installing your furnace, we will undertake regular maintenance of your furnace to ensure it is efficient and resolve any underlying problems it may have before they become costly in future. Regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of your furnace and also reduce any expensive repairs in future.

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Black Mold Remediation

Black mold, a typical home pest, is a hazardous and potentially dangerous fungi. Because it is often tough to compare routine mold and black mold, it is best to treat all mold growth as a hazard. Even more, it is very important to comprehend the warning signs and symptoms of black mold, both to your home and to your health.

When you understand that black mold has actually taken control of your household, the alternative of prevention has clearly escaped. You need to be completely prepared to deal with the issue. Nevertheless, it would be wise to call the professionals. You can handle it yourself too if the infected area is within 10 square feet. However, mold experts clearly understand how to deal with it in a better process. So, if you can afford, choose the appropriate treatment. You require somebody to not just cleanup the observable growth of the black mold but likewise the many hidden contaminated locations of your house.

The locations of mold include the examination of virtually every inch of the building. A firm check needs to be kept on irritants, deposition of spores, mold, gases and indoor air relevance. This is due to the fact that the black mold holds the ability of producing such toxins and moisture that may not be visible to the eye however can trigger far more severe damage than the black mold itself. By calling excellent, mold remediation professionals, you will be ensuring the cleaning of infected locations that wouldn't have actually been easy for you to reach (places like attic, holes in the walls, behind the wallpaper). If you just have a partial cleaning, it indicates that you haven't effectively removed the chances of the mold reappearing.

If you are choosing the black mold experts, you have to know the right option. Companies providing less costly rates might not be doing the full task, and it may call for financial investment once again if improper cleaning leads to infected household. If your house has actually been impacted by a flood condition or major plumbing or sewage leak, you have to get a control over the situation. If your entire residence is contaminated including the attic, the expense may be substantial.

See to it that the mold remediation service you are picking has an excellent reputation; you can get in touch with individuals around you who have encountered such an experience. Due to the fact that you are putting in a lot of your money, you need to know whether it is for the best cause or not. Look for the accreditation of the mold detective. The most perfect certificate he can have is that of 'Council Certified Microbial Inspector'. Do not hire a business that guarantees to fix the issue quickly. That means partial cleaning. Working with an excellent business means that they will certainly keep a check even few short months after the cleaning. It deserves paying for because your health has a lot more worth than a couple of thousand dollars.

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